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BRITISH expats must be compensated by developers to the tune of up to €150,000 each for homes that were never completed, a judge has ruled. 

The judge in Almeria gave two administrators of the developer New Medina Villas SL six months to demolish the 111 unfinished homes in Zurgena.

It must also pay back some €650,662 to the foreign citizens, mostly British, who had invested in the properties.

The administrators have 10 days to make the payments and must prove to the court they have done so.

The individual amounts range from €151,030 to €73,830.

Judge Marta Ines Sierra also gave promoters six months to proceed with the demolition of the buildings.

The company must also cease trading while the developers are banned from working in any industry related to real estate development.

Some 14 foreigners, mostly Brits, brought the case to court privately, demanding they be returned the money they paid for the homes and the expenses caused by their seizure.

It came after the works were paralysed by a court order in January 2005 for being on illegal land.

The homes were never ‘finished or occupied, and by September 13, 2018, were still in a state of abandonment.’

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