TIPS have been revealed informing people how to fly around the globe more ecologically.

Spain ranks second in Europe and fifth in the world for air travel emissions, with 20.71 million tons of carbon dioxide used last year, a 21% increase on 2017.

But now have offered some suggestions on reducing your carbon footprint if you decide to travel by air. 

These include saying yes to nonstop flights, using greener airports, reusing plastic, taking your own meals and packing lighter. 

Other methods are pledging to stop flying for one year and, of course, using alternative transport. 

Top Tips Flight Shame Graphic  1

Luggagehero says the tips were inspired by teen environmental activist Greta Thunberg, who recently sailed from her home in Sweden to New York instead of flying. She is also the face of ‘flygskam’ (‘flight shame’)  – a growing movement in Europe to reduce carbon footprints by cutting down on air travel.

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