Matador Boyfriend Of The King Of Spains Niece Has Groin Savagely Pierced By Bull In Spain V1 2
GORED: A pained Caballero is taken away for treatment

A MATADOR remains in ‘very serious condition’ after a bull pierced his groin and thigh with its horns. 

Gonzalo Caballero, 27, was at the Las Ventas bullring in Madrid, Spain, a tournament to mark Hispanic Day, when he suffered the devastating injuries. 

Watching in the VIP Stands was his girlfriend Victoria Federica, 19, the King of Spain’s niece.

The bull charged at him, spearing his legs and tossing him in the air, before racing at Caballero again, severing the femoral artery in his groin.

The bullfighter suffered wounds some 25cm – 30cm deep. 

He was taken to the bullring infirmary for more than two hours and then transferred to the San Francisco de Asis Hospital in Madrid, where he remains ‘gravely ill.’

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