Mass Brawl Between Sevilla And Betis Fans 2
NO HONOUR: Graffiti slams the rival supporters

A MASS brawl erupted between Sevilla FC and Real Betis supporters, leaving one with stab wounds and another with a fractured arm.

Police arrested 28 individuals involved for public disorder offences, in an incident which is thought to have started when graffiti appeared on Tajo Street, a meeting area of ?Real Betis’ ultras, in which vexatious terms were used against the side.

A few days later more graffiti was found, this time in the usual meeting area of ??the radical fans of Sevilla.

A fight was organised between the two sides, and when it took place, police made attempts to bring it under control, leading to a number of arrests.

Two were injured, one with wounds, the other with a broken arm.

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