PROTESTS: Women demonstrate against male violence

SPANISH victims of domestic violence take almost a decade to report abuse.

Research by the government’s committee on gender violence has found that it takes an abused partner on average eight years and eight months to seek help. 

Victims of domestic abuse in La Rioja take the longest to report violence, letting 12 years and seven months elapse before speaking about it, followed by those in Aragon (12 years and six months) and the Basque Country (11 years and seven months). 

People suffering abuse in the north african autonomous community of Melila take the least amount of time to report it, asking for help after two years and six months on average, followed by those in Murcia (four years and five months) and Asturias (Six years and three months). 

Middle-aged women are most likely to be killed by their partner and likewise middle-aged men are most likely to kill a partner.

41.2% of women killed are aged between 41 and 50 years old and 49% of killers are of the same age group.

Just under half of victims and perpetrators of domestic violence in Spain are foreigners. 

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