THREE police dogs have been rescued from the pound.

It has emerged that two of those police dogs that were taken to the pound from the Canine Unit in Palma de Mallorca, have found new homes at the Mounted Police Unit in the Castell de Bellver.

Chico is a German Shepherd and Bady is a Belgian Malinois.

Both dogs are over ten years old and have been diagnosed with leishmaniasis, a parasitic disease, caused by parasites which are spread through infected sand flies. 

This disease is common in parts of the tropics, subtropics and southern Europe and can be fatal.

Both dogs are now getting treated from vets at the Mounted Unit.

The third furry friend, 12, is called Max and is blind and deaf.

He has been returned to the woman that gave him to the Canine Unit a few years ago, according to the police.

The decision to abolish the Canine Unit has generated a great deal of controversy.

The City Council was forced to remove the dogs from the Son Reus kennels amid pressure from citizens and animal groups, after it was discovered that they were being kept in hidden cells.

“These animals are trained and they’ve had a very bad time in the Son Reus kennel,” said a spokesperson of the Council.

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