WHEN the water in Mallorca doesn’t taste like it oughta … or the shower in your Marbella townhouse doesn’t flow like it should, this Irish newcomer in Spain has the solution to hand.

Premier Aqua has been tapping into domestic and commercial water problems for nearly two decades and has even provided the correct answers for Dublin’s top university.

But their ingenious and good-value system can also revolutionise the way we treat and drink H20 at home.

Set up by a team of professional engineers two decades ago, the range of products available at Premier Aqua is impressive.

From solutions for limescale and water filtration to lack of water pressure and sewage issues, no task is too tough to tackle for John Bell and his team in southern Spain.

Founded in Ireland in 2001, Premier Aqua launched into the Spanish market last year.

Its sister company Adarebiocare designs, supplies and maintains sewage treatment plants and water tanks all over the Emerald Isle. 

“We run one of the most experienced and hands-on companies in Ireland,” explains proud co-owner Siobhan Bell.

Premier Aqua

So much so that Trinity College Dublin has engaged Adarebiocare in the construction and maintenance of new sewage treatment systems designed and tested for Ireland’s Environment Protection Agency.

“Like back home, we quickly realised there is a big problem in southern Spain with domestic and commercial water pressure,” continued Siobhan.

The company’s answer is the Aquaboost tank, a cheap, simple and reliable way to remedy the problem for businesses and homes alike. 

With 300 litres of water storage you will always have water on demand.

“And a ‘slave tank’ can easily be added to double capacity on request,” Siobhan added.

The tank comes ready to plug in and is very easy to install, giving constant pressure throughout in a virtually silent operation. 

The unit can fit through a standard doorway making it convenient for new build or existing properties, tucking neatly away under stairs or in utility rooms.

Premier Aqua also specialises in wastewater and sewage treatment systems for any size population, supplying only tried and tested systems with the EN Certification. 

John insists any products without the EN Certification are ‘sub-standard’ and should not be used. 

Visit www.premieraqua.es for more info or call 643914214 


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