HOW’S your lockdown body coming along? If social media is anything to go by, we are all drinking and snacking way more than usual.

So step away from the fridge, as we have found the best free digital health and fitness workouts for all ages and life stages so when we finally get released, you can emerge in better shape than ever.

Best for gym bunnies

Pamela Reif 20 Minute Full Body Workout  – You Tube

Pamela Reif 20 Minute Full Body Workout You Tube

If you are missing your gym fix, then check out Pamela Reif 20 minute Full Body Workout on You Tube. Its best for those that have been going to the gym or workout classes for a while, as it goes straight into a set of squat jumps, mountain climbs, jumping jacks and planks. There are breaks and each set of exercises lasts a minute. Pamela is a social media star with 20 million follow her You Tube workouts, where she has a menu of videos, including booty burn, flat belly and six pack abs.

Best for over 60s and beyond

British Heart Foundation Strength and Flex Workout – You Tube

British Heart Foundation Strength And Flex Workout You Tube

Sensible advice, and easy to follow exercises in this BHF video. This takes it gently while still delivering results. Some exercises can be done while sitting in a chair, but will still strengthen muscles and keep you flexible.

Best for yoga newbies

Yoga with Adriene – You Tube

Yga Adrienne

Adriene is possibly the most popular teacher on the internet with a global online community of 5.5 million subscribers From Austin, Texas, she has a large and diverse selection of video tutorials and is always posting new ones. She has a soft voice and gentle humour. I tried a one hour Total Body workout. I enjoyed the steady flow, clear alignment and breath cues and how the stretches and core work deepened as the class progressed. She has a good program called Home which is designed to get you practicing for a month. It’s called ‘Ease into it 30days of Yoga. The first day is a 6 minute talk, no yoga just an introduction with practical tips and then you build from there.

Best pilates for pregnancy and new mums

Jane Wake Baby A-Wake You Tube

Pregnant Mum

Jane Wake is one of the leading pilates and fitness trainers in the UK. Her  Baby A Wake system for mums has been endorsed by the Royal Society of Midwives. She is calm, down to earth and friendly and devised her system after having a baby in her thirties and realising she needed a different way of exercising. 

There is a pregnancy program and a postnatal program and a section where you can exercise with your little one. Not you? Then check out her other channel Pilates Flow which has online courses for beginners through to advanced.

Best feel good for all the family 

Disco Funk 10 Min Dance Class with Nathan Short

Disco Funk 10 Min Dance Class With Nathan Short

Blonde bouncy Aussie Nathan is a fan of all kind of cheesy music and he’s put some fun moves to disco or Old Skool mixes. Think Le Freak by Chic, September by Earth Wind and Fire, even S CLub 7!I Its not to be taken too seriously, but it will raise your spirits as much as it raises the pulse rate. Do this with the kids, nan and grandad all ages. Dad dancing could go to a whole new level! But let’s face it, where better than the privacy of your own home to throw some shapes!

Best for the kids

Every day at 10am Joe Wicks, the Body Coach is live streaming a 30 minute kids PE session via his YouTube site. The first session got over 4 million views . Wicks was due to start a tour of schools to promote fitness and healthy living, decided to do this daily work out instead, and he now calls himself the PE teacher of the nation, although given he has viewers from Spain, Dubai, Jamaica, he is becoming the PE teacher of the world! FInd him on You Tube  at The Body Coach TV

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