MADRID has been named the best place for Brits to move post-lockdown to save money. 

The Spanish capital beat the likes of Istanbul, Warsaw and Budapest  to claim the title of the place to work from remotely during the pandemic. 

The study by CIA Landlord revealed the best cities to move post-lockdown to save on expenses while still earning your current salary and living abroad in a similar time zone. 

Researches weighed up a variety of cost and popularity factors to highlight the best place to work from home. 

Madrid soared into first place thanks to low prices for Airbnb, transport – and post importantly – pints. 

With an extremely high amount of annual tourists, cheap flights and a low cost of living – Madrid comes out on top as the best location to move to for remote working based on a variety of cost and popularity reasons. 

Despite its relatively high rent for a one-bed (£895), flights to and from Madrid from London will cost you from just £46 return. 

Meanwhile, Monaco was ranked officially the worst city to relocate to for remote working due to high rent costs of £3,499.

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