A GROUP of drunk passengers began brawling on a flight from Amsterdam to Ibiza after some of the intoxicated men refused to wear their mandatory face masks. 

Two of the passengers involved in the scrap have been arrested since the altercation on the KLM flight. 

The pair were detained when the flight landed in Ibiza. But the airline has urged the safety of other passengers was not compromised. 

In the video footage, uploaded online by a fellow passenger, two men – one topless – can be seen wagging fingers in each other’s faces before other passengers intervene and pin the shirtless man to the ground.

“There are kids here,” hollered one man while women and children screamed in the background. 

Airline staff also rushed to the scrap in an attempt to defuse tensions.  

One passenger knelt on the man’s back and held his arms behind him to prevent any further punches being thrown. 

Blood can be seen streaming from the assailant’s nose as he is held on the ground.

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