WINTER is officially coming in October as the clocks are set to be put back an hour.

As with every year, the days will seem shorter as it begins to get darker much earlier.

The clocks will go back in the early hours of Sunday October 25, when 3am will go back to 2am.

In the Canary Islands the clocks will go back at 2am, becoming 1am.

While it may signal the end of summer, it does mean you get an extra hour of sleep.

The changing of the clocks occurs on the last Sunday of October every year and is part of the European Directive 200/84CE, which also calls for the changing back of the clocks in the summer time at the end of March.

All EU member states must abide by the changing of the clocks to achieve energy savings and take advantage of natural light.

It also makes roads safer and helps the tourism industry (at least in pre-COVID years).

More than 80% of EU citizens, however, voted in a 2018 survey that they were in favour of cancelling the changing of the clocks.

However a lack of consensus on how to do this has meant its possible cancellation has been delayed until 2021.

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