SPAIN has been ignoring critical European-wide waste recycling targets.

The country has not just been missing a 50% recycling (or re-use) target set by the EU, but the situation is getting worse.

An alliance of 16 environmental organisations have filed a complaint with the European Commission (EC) demanding the government is forced to act.

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The complaint, which has been accepted by the EC, is a ‘historic milestone and is motivated by years of erratic policies, stagnant collection and recycling rates.

The country is ‘totally disinterested in promoting prevention and reuse,’ according to green group Ecologistas en Accion.

According to the latest data from Spain’s Ministry for Ecological Transition, the recycling rate for municipal waste in Spain stood at just 35% in 2018. 

It is expected to be lower for 2019 and 2020.

“Not only has this insufficient figure worsened in recent years, but Spain has not implemented any of the policies that the Commission has been recommending in recent years to reach the 50% target by 2020,” said a spokesman for Ecologistas.

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