ORIHUELA councillor, María García, has called for an overhaul of the city’s taxi industry, with regulation at the top of the agenda.

She lamented that her (PSOE) party had called for similar action as far back as 2007, “because it is incomprehensible that this activity is not regulated.”

They insist that, “having its own legal framework would allow the sector to improve its working conditions and also expand the control mechanisms to avoid abuses and illegal situations.”

Maria Garcia Psoe

The socialist party claims that drivers are upset because local government does not listen to their demands.

García stated drivers want regulation to professionalise the sector and request subsidies to mitigate the effects of the Covid-19 crisis.”

Requested is, “a participation space for the taxi sector and its customers to be able to include proposals, criteria and ideas.”

Other points for discussion are the design and seating of taxi stands, reducing pollution and a commitment to equality.

García also called for a commission to study current demand so a licence review could be implemented, in light of the fact that Orihuela still only has 42 taxis, compared with twice that number in Torrevieja.

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