A SERIES of threatening letters containing bullets have been sent to Spain’s Minister for Home Affairs, Fernando Grande-Marlaska; the candidate of Podemos to the Community of Madrid, Pablo Iglesias; and the general director of the Guardia Civil, Maria Gamez.

According to official reports, all three letters have the same postmark and were all sent last Monday, April 19 to the dependencies of the Ministry of the Interior.

The letter addressed to the director of the Guardia Civil arrived on Wednesday and the other two letters this Thursday morning.

The threats have been reported to the Police and Guardia Civil.

Pablo Iglesias published the contents of his letter on twitter: “The Ministry of the Interior has received a letter addressed to me with death threats against me and my family. The envelope contained 4 Cetme bullets.”

The letter reads the following: “Pablo Iglesias Turrion, you left our parents and grandparents to die. You and your wife, your parents and you are condemned to death. Capital punishment. Your time is running out.”

According to Iglesias, events like this are the consequence of the normalisation of the far right and that this is not the first time that a similar event has occurred, however each time the threats ‘go a little further’.

The letter addressed to Marlaska, sent with two 7.62 x 51 bullets and reported at the Congressional Police Station at 4:42 p.m. yesterday afternoon, reads: “You have ten days to resign. The time to laugh at us is over. National Police. Guardia Civil. Time is against you.”

Maria Gamez, who became the first woman to head the Guardia Civil just over a year ago, has denounced the letter she received to the Central Operational Unit (UCO).

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