MALAGA’S Provincial Council has offered two facilities in Malaga capital to accommodate Ukrainian citizens visiting the Costa del Sol.

The facilities ‘La Térmica’ and ‘La Noria,’ both in Malaga City, have been offered to the Government of Ukraine to accommodate Ukrainian citizens visiting Malaga and who now cannot return to their country—or prefer not to—as well as to attend to children and refugees evacuated.

The President Malaga’s Provincial Council, Francisco Salado, contacted the Consul of Ukraine in Malaga, Svitlana Kramarenko, this Saturday to offer her the collaboration of the provincial institution and the solidarity of the people of Malaga with the Ukrainian people in the face of the ‘humanitarian catastrophe’ and the ‘unjust war by Russia’.

Salado said that the facilities of La Termica (Avenida de Los Guindos, 48) and La Noria (Arroyo de Los Angeles, 50), both centres belonging to the Provincial Council in the capital of Malaga, are already ‘prepared’ to offer bed and board to more than fifty people.

“We are ready to receive refugees for as long as this invasion lasts, which is an outrage against human rights and international law.” Salado said.

“Our hearts go out to our Ukrainian neighbours and their families, who are victims of a brutal and senseless attack.” he added.

Additionally, Salado has explained that he has requested a face-to-face meeting in the coming days with the consul and her team to prepare and define the lines of collaboration that the Provincial Council intends to open with the Ukrainian people, either through the Government or through international aid associations and NGOs.

“We want to help in any way we can, to channel the desire of the people of Malaga to help and also to make our Ukrainian neighbours feel close to us and not abandoned,” added Salado.

Malaga is home to a large colony of Ukrainian residents on the Costa del Sol, with more than 11,500 registered citizens.


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