AN 18-year-old man died on Tuesday after a late-night drinking session on a San Pedro del Pinatar beach turned to tragedy.

Up to a dozen young people were on El Mojon beach at around 2.00 am when some of them decided to climb into a wooden watchtower used by lifeguards.

The sheer number of them trying to get into the structure led to its partial collapse.

Several people were hurt but the 18-year-old got the worst of it, as parts of the tower struck him on his head.

The teenager was certified as dead when medical teams arrived at the scene.

A male and female, both 18, were taken to Los Arcos Hospital in San Javier for treatment to minor injuries.

The dead Spanish teen came from the Murcia district of Los Garres, and was spending a summer holiday with his parents in the Lo Pagan area of San Pedro del Pinatar.

He cycled to El Mojon on Monday night to join a group of friends.

San Pedro del Pinatar council said the watchtower was ‘in perfect condition’ and that days earlier, the beach had passed the certifications to qualify for Blue Flag status.

Council sources told the La Verdad newspaper that a lifeguard used the structure on Monday without noticing any issues.


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