THE Summer of 2022 for the travel sector has become one of strike action, industrial disputes and flight cancellations and delays across Europe.

In Spain, the walkouts have been very largely concentrated between the leading budget airlines Ryanair and easyJet.

With Ryanair cabin crew based in Spain striking from Monday to Thursday until January 2023, and easyJet pilots at Spanish bases striking on weekends during August.

To further add to what will go down in the books as a chaotic summer of travel, cabin crew at the Spanish low-cost airline owned by Iberia, Iberia Express, are also calling for strike action.

Backed by the main aviator unions, Airline Auxiliary Flight Attendants Union (Stavla), the Independent Union of Airline Cabin Crew (Sitcpla), Iberia Express cabin crew staff are set to gather this coming Friday, August 26, at the airline’s headquarters.

The protest aims to reopen the negotiating of the airline’s collective agreement, which was paralysed with the arrival of the pandemic when it was in its final stretch.

Unless an agreement is made between employers and unions on Friday, over 500 Madrid-based Iberia Express cabin crew staff are set to walk out for ten days of strike action that will begin on August 28 and is scheduled to last until at least September 6.

In line with other airlines, the union bosses are demanding a salary review, especially given that, according to Iberia Express staff, wages have been ‘frozen’ for the last ten years.


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