12 Nov, 2022 @ 10:30
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LISTED: Popular animals that can no longer be kept as pets in Spain under new Animal Welfare Law

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NUMEROUS popular pets have been banned in Spain under a new Animal Welfare Law which aims to protect native flora and fauna.

Since 2013, the Council of Ministers have continuously updated the Spanish Catalogue of Invasive Alien Species to determine those animals that are not native to Spain and consequently considered invasive— particularly if abandoned—representing a danger to the ecosystem.

Up until recently the prohibited pets included: raccoons, Argentine parrots, lovebirds, Vietnamese pigs, peninsular tortoises, hedgehogs and coatis, among other animals.

Now, the new Animal Welfare Law, which is due to come into force shortly, expands the list of prohibited pets to include quite a few furry friends that, for generations, have been common family additions.

The list has been significantly expanded to include the following:
-Guinea Pig
-Birds originating from other countries.

Once the law comes into force, the government will then have 48 months to approve a list of permitted pets.

Disparity of criteria in Europe

Under the EU treaties, animals are recognised as sentient beings, however, there is unanimity as to what should be understood as a pet or not.

For instance, in Belgium, where an Animal Welfare Act has also just been passed, rabbits, ferrets, hamsters, deer, guinea pigs or squirrels are considered permitted pets.

In the Netherlands, which has had a similar law since 2015, the list of permitted species is reduced to 30, including several types of rodents, as well as rabbits and ferrets, llamas or wild boars.

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  1. This has nothing to do with protecting the eco-system. Removing companion animals using the pretext of fraudulent environmental programmes such as Agenda 30 is a way in which these criminals can take more control and remove more freedoms from our lives. Did any of you contribute to this fake democratic decision where these rich psychopaths can use the excuse of fake man made climate change to completely change our way of life in their favour? Please fight these hypocritical villains because if not, they are going to bring in a transhuman, technocratic tyranny of which there is no precendent and where every single decision including who is allowed to have children is decided based on their made up Draconian rules and legislation. Look up what they have planned at the unelected World Economic Forum where they admit that the future they tell us is coming is one where we will ‘own nothing and be happy’…in other words Socialism/Communism.

    Location : Planet Earth

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