A BALD-faced attempt to cheat in a driving theory exam by hiding a camera under a comedy toupe did not pay off for one desperate learner driver.

The 24-year-old, of Chinese origin, attended his exam at the provincial traffic headquarters in Guadalajara with ill-fitting hair that immediately raised suspicion among invigilators.

Guardia Civil traffic officers watched the man carefully, whose jittery behaviour only heightened their already sharpened instincts.

Driving Cheat
The wig, hidden camera and earpiece warn by the enterprising young cheat

After the test was done, they swooped on the man and carried out a basic search.

It did not take the officers an invasive cavity search to discover the wig, nor the mini spy camera buried within it.

There was also a small earpiece hidden inside the hair piece which the man had used to communicate with a friend on the other end who had been reading the questions through the camera.

The man was given an automatic failure and a disqualification from taking the exam again for a further six months. 


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