THE days of cooling storms are numbered weather expert warns.

According to Ruben Del Campo, spokesman for Spain’s Met Office AEMET, the first heatwave of the summer could hit Spain at the end of this week.

“During this weekend and the beginning of next week, a continuation of intense heat is forecast, which could lead to the first heat wave of the summer” Del Campo said.

Despite the rains that will dominate the next few hours, the arrival of an anticyclone from Thursday will leave a ‘very warm atmosphere’, with maximum temperatures between 35ºC and 40ºC in large parts of the country, Del Campo has informed.

A forecast backed by Spain’s leading multi-platform weather information provider, which has indicated that smouldering highs of 45ºC are expected to smother in the Guadiana and Guadalquivir valleys at the end of the week.

If the heatwave predictions transpire, temperatures will be between 5-10ºC above normal for this time of year, specifically in the west and centre of the peninsula and in areas of the Mediterranean.

At night, the high temperatures will persist giving rise to tropical nights in some parts of the Andalucian Mediterranean and in the interior of Andalucia and Extremadura, where temperatures will not fall between 25ºC.


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