AN infamous British criminal finally snared in Spain has been written out of his own hit TV series.

The UK’s one-time most wanted fugitive Kenneth Noye has been erased from the second part of a BBC dramatisation of his infamous 1983 Brink’s-Mat gold robbery.

It comes after The Gold was criticised for glamorising Noye – played by Scottish heartthrob Jack Lowden – as a ‘handsome class warrior’.

To stoke the outrage, the double killer who is now out of prison, was reportedly ‘over the moon’ about his portrayal in the first season. 

Double killer and armed robber Kenneth Noye has been axed from a TV show about his exploits after the BBC were accused of ‘glamorising’ him

Admirers allegedly even approached him in the street to shake his hand, claimed friends.

It led to the BBC receiving a severe backlash for its ‘heroic’ portrayal of the man who murdered 21-year-old Stephen Cameron in 1996 and policeman, John Fordham, in 1985.

In one of the most notorious cases of road rage in British history, Noye stabbed Cameron to death on the M25 while on release from prison – and then promptly fled the country.

Jack Lowden played Kenneth Noye in the first season of The Gold. CORDON PRESS

Noye had been most famous up to that point for helping to mastermind the Brink’s-Mat warehouse robbery worth over €30 million in gold bullion.

The six robbers had been expecting to find €4 million in cash but instead found the gold worth the equivalent to €108 million today.

“Relatives of the victims were very upset and the BBC did not want to take the risk of more of those accusations,” a source told The Times.

Cameron’s uncle slammed the broadcaster for making Noye out to be ‘some kind of good guy when he was a cold-blooded murderer.’

Noye was captured while having lunch with his girlfriend, Mina Al Taiba, in a restaurant in Barbate, Cadiz, in August 1998. He lived nearby in Zahara de los Atunes.

He had previously enjoyed the hospitality of fellow London gangster Joey Wilkin’s luxury villa in Estepona while on the run. It is believed Wilkins had given him up to Scotland Yard.


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