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EXPOSED: ‘Farm of terror’ in Spain that supplies a major supermarket as ‘1,000 abused pigs are found living among rats and maggot-infested food’

A ‘FARM of terror’ has been exposed in northern Spain as activists find ‘1,000 abused pigs living among rats and maggot infested-food’, and it supplies one of the country’s largest supermarkets. 

The Animal Welfare Observatory (OBA) has reported the farm to local courts in Burgos. 

Located in Arauzo de Torre, the pork farm held over a thousand animals and is accused of the alleged crimes of animal abuse and false advertising. 

According to Europa Press, it has also been linked to an important Spanish supermarket chain. 

EFE/ Observatorio de Maltrato Animal 

Last year, the organisation reported another Burgos farm, in Quintanilla del Coco which housed animals in similar conditions. 

The complex held pigs in two barns, each containing around 500 pigs. 

OBA recorded the farms between June and December 2023, when they conducted their investigation. 

The animal rights group also found feeding stations full of insects, worms, rats and cobwebs. 

According to the NGO, this caused illnesses like salmonella to spread between the livestock. 

They also reportedly saw many pigs with hernias, infected wounds and deformities that prevented the animals from moving. 

Some even appeared to be suffering from scabies. 

EFE/ Observatorio de Maltrato Animal 

“I saw the biggest hernia I have ever seen. We saw many animals with deep wounds in their feet. They were gushing blood and they seemed to be badly infected and had not received veterinarian treatment. 

“They lie on the floor and cannot support their legs to walk. And it wasn’t just one area, the barns were full of animals with hernias and deep wounds.” 

The undercover filming also caught workers saying the ‘good quality’ pigs would be sent to China, while the ‘poor quality’ ones would remain in Spain. 

In another clip, a worker was shown hitting pigs on the head and back with a hammer riddled with spikes to mark the animals to be sent to slaughter. 

Further video showed pigs being hit on their hind legs with PVC pipes and subject to constant jabs from a taser. 

According to the animal rights experts, this measure should only be used from time to time. 

Activists also saw a ‘seriously injured pig’ slowly die after a failed attempt to shoot it. 

Shockingly, the meat provider has a ‘Welfair’ certificate and IAWS stamp, both created by the Interprofessional Pork Network of Capa Blanca (INTERPORC). 

However, a vet’s report by the animal rights group concludes the ‘animals in the farm are not under vet supervision. Putting their lives at great risk and generating a slow and painful death.’ 

The report also suggested the sanitary conditions also made the pork produced unsuitable for human consumption. 

The farm joins the other Burgos pork producer reported by OBA last year. 

A ‘farm of terror’, the Quintanilla de Coco facility was reported in November 2023, losing its certification while an investigation was carried out into their alleged mistreatment of animals, false advertising and crimes against the environment. 

Julia Elizalde, spokesperson at OBA said it was ‘essential that big businesses put measures in place to end with the suffering of animals destined for human consumption.’

Yzabelle Bostyn

After spending much of her childhood in Andalucia and adulthood between Barcelona and Latin America, Yzabelle has settled in the Costa del Sol to put her NCTJ & Journalism Masters to good use. She is particularly interested in travel, vegan food and has been leading the Olive Press Nolotil campaign. Have a story? email [email protected]

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  1. It seems the “major supermarket chain” in Spain that carries pork from this horrible place should be listed. That would put more pressure on the situation, those who Certify and Stamp them for INTERPORC as well as the Supermarkets to use more diligence when choosing farms to do business with.

    Location : Alcossebre, Castellon

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