Wednesday, January 29, 2020
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INCREDIBLE: Up to ONE MILLION people march against independence in Barcelona

UP to one million people took to the streets of Barcelona today in a fervent call for Spanish unity. The march comes after the Catalan...

British expats allowed to stay if no deal is reached, says foreign minister Alfonso Dastis

Speaking on the BBC 1 Andrew Marr show Spain's foreign minister Alfonso Dastis has ensured the lives of British expats are 'not disrupted' in the event of a 'no deal' split from the EU.

Independent Scotland must ‘get in queue’ for EU membership, says Spanish foreign minister Alfonso Dastis

SCOTLAND wouldn’t be allowed straight into the EU if it voted for independence, Spain's foreign minister Alfonso Dastis has said. Instead, Scotland would have to...

Rate of migrants entering Spain from Morocco triples after EU free trade dispute

Record numbers have breached the fences so far this year

Margallo insists no voice for Gibraltar in Brexit negotiations

Margallo was asked to comment on his country’s position after the newly appointed foreign minister, Alfonso Dastis, failed to mention the issue in his first meeting with his UK counterpart Boris Johnson, leading many to speculate that it is no longer a priority