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Catalan politician Clara Ponsati, wanted by justice system for role in independence drive, arrested on return to Spain

Catalan politician Clara Ponsati, who is wanted by the Spanish authorities for her involvement in the 2017 independence drive in the region, was arrested...

Politician wanted for involvement in 2017 Catalan independence drive returns to Spain but fails to hand herself in

CATALAN politician Clara Ponsati, who is wanted by the Spanish authorities for her role in the 2017 independence drive in the region, has returned...

EU court ruling may see extradition of former Catalan premier Carles Puigdemont a step closer 

A COURT ruling published on Tuesday may mean that former Catalan premier Carles Puigdemont is a step closer to being extradited to Spain from...

Five years later, 45 National Police officers could face trial for excessive force at illegal Catalan independence referendum 

A TOTAL of 45 officers from Spain’s National Police force could see the inside of a courtroom for their alleged excessive use of force...

Boos and jeers at pro-Catalan independence demonstration in Spain’s Barcelona show splits in the movement 

SOME 6,500 people came out in Barcelona to protest on Thursday morning in support of independence for Catalunya. The demonstration coincided with a French-Spanish...

After making concessions to Catalan politicians, Spain’s prime minister rules out more talks

FOR THE government of Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, the proces, as the Catalan independence drive is commonly known, is now the past. There will,...

Spain passes controversial changes to sedition and misuse of funds laws in midst of constitutional crisis

THE SPANISH government’s controversial changes to the laws covering sedition and the misuse of public funds were approved by the Senate on Thursday, in...

Explainer: Why Spain’s government is rushing through changes to sedition and embezzlement laws

AS THE end of the year approaches, and with regional and national elections planned for next year, there is currently a flurry of legislative...

Spanish government to study more changes to Criminal Code that could benefit Catalan independence leaders

THE SPANISH government is to study changes to the law covering the misappropriation of public funds, barely a week after proposing scrapping the sedition...

Spain’s government proposes changes to sedition law used to prosecute Catalan independence leaders

THE SPANISH government today proposed a change to the law that would mean a lower prison sentence for former Catalan premier Carles Puigdemont should...

Ex-leader of Spain’s main opposition Popular Party to be quizzed by judge over Catalunya hoax

THE FORMER leader of Spain’s main opposition Popular Party, Pablo Casado, has been called to testify as a suspect for propagating a hoax about...

Catalan government left in crisis after pro-independence party withdraws its support

THE Catalan regional government has been plunged into a crisis after one of the governing parties, Junts per Catalunya, withdrew its support from its...

Some 150,000 people take to streets of Barcelona to support Catalan independence

Around 150,000 people took to the streets of Barcelona on Sunday September 11, to celebrate “la Diada”, often described as Catalonia’s National Day, and...

Godfather of Catalan nationalism faces trial along with seven children over ‘hidden fortune’

JORDI Pujol, the former regional president of Catalunya for 23 years, is to face trial along with his seven children over an alleged fortune...

FREEDOM: Spanish government to pardon nine jailed Catalan separatists

SPAIN’S Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has said he will propose pardons for nine jailed Catalan separatists at a cabinet meeting on Tuesday.  “Tomorrow, guided by...

Jailed Catalan leader admits unilateral independence route ‘no longer viable’

THE  jailed Catalan leader Oriol Junqueras has said unilateral efforts to break away from Spain were no longer viable.  Junqueras, who is serving a 13-year...

UK police in diplomatic pickle after calling Spain’s arrest warrant for Catalan separatist leader ‘disproportionate’

British authorities have since backtracked on the comments, trying to pass them off as a misunderstanding.

Former Catalan leaders who rallied for independence in 2017 have been jailed in Spain

The government has deployed anti-riot police to Catalonia, but so far the interior ministry has refused to say how many.

BREXIT: Tensions flare as Spain says it will not stop Scotland joining EU independently

Borrell stands accused of hypocrisy because his views of Scottish Nationalism are seen by many as conflicting with Madrid's tough stance on Catalan independence

Madrid ends direct rule over Catalunya after new government is sworn in

It comes after the region's autonomy was suspended for seven months following the pro-independence referendum

German judges cast doubt over second charge against former Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont

German authorities have requested further information from the Spanish Supreme Court to decide if they can extradite Puigdemont on the charge of misuse of public funds

Former Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont released on bail by German court

The separatist leader will be released with a €75,000 bail after German courts ruled the charge of rebellion as 'inadmissable'

German prosecutors ask courts to extradite former Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont to Spain

After being detained in Germany last week, regional courts must decide whether to send the former president to Madrid where he faces charges of rebellion

Former Catalan president Carles Puigdemont to appear in court today while violent protests break out in Barcelona

The former Catalan leader was arrested on Sunday and faces a prison sentence of up to 30 years

BREAKING NEWS: Carles Puigdemont claims he isn’t seeking Belgian political asylum

Deposed leader calls on Spanish government to respect Catalan regional election result

Madrid moves to take control of Catalan institutions as Puigdemont threatened with jail

Around 150 Catalan ministers to lose jobs as Rajoy activates Article 155





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