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Catalan campaigners demand Spain rows back in Ebro River fight

Protestors march over government's transfer of water to other parts of Spain

House prices skyrocketed in Catalunya last year

Prices jumped exceptionally in the Gerona, Barcelona and Lleida areas

‘Hundreds of thousands in Spain’ could be affected by Zika virus

If the tiger mosquito is a Zika virus carrier, Spain could be in trouble

Tarifa-based 21-year-old wins her 10th kitesurfing world title

Youngest ever kitesurfing world champion bags her tenth world title

Spain’s political chaos continues

Catalan upheaval is a reflection of political unrest throughout Spain

Spain’s politicians have one week to form a government or risk forcing a second general election

As Mariano Rajoy is shunned by all corners, PSOE leader Pedro Sanchez holds Spain’s political fate in his hands

Artur Mas refuses to step back from bid to become Catalan president

Junts Pel Si premier in desperate race against time to be backed by fellow secessionists the CUP

VIDEO: Spanish Affair 2 is Spain’s highest grossing film of 2015 so far

The controversial comedy streaks ahead of James Bond on the big screen

Andalucia registers highest number of properties sold in Spain

The region saw 18,676 properties change owners according to Spain’s official property registrar

Spanish Constitutional Court rejects Catalunya’s independence bid

Legal blow to region's hopes of separating from Spain

Artur Mas loses president bid in blow to Catalan independence push

He received the backing of just 62 of the 135 delegates

Spanish general election voter boycott on the cards

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has said he hopes he doesn’t have to deal with the inflamed Catalonia situation until after the December 20 race

Spanish general election voter boycott on the cards

Many are fed up with Rajoy’s stubbornness to seek a viable solution to put an end to the political crisis

Former Catalan president Jordi Pujol’s eldest son dished out millions of corrupt money to siblings

Son of former Catalan president distributed millions from Andorra bank accounts

King Felipe assures MEPs of ‘united and diverse’ Spain

Spanish King speaks out in Strasbourg during official visit

Show of force

Record Catalan voter turnout cannot be seen as a frontrunner for the independence movement

The Scottish question

Artus Mas may claim victory for his pro-independence Junts pel Si, but failure to secure a majority of votes weakens him

Catalan president Artur Mas faces high court trial over unofficial referendum

While Mas laughed off the case as mere ‘political orchestration’, he and his deputies could be barred from public office if found guilty

Catalan separatist parties win historic election as referendum clash looms

Artur Mas's Junts Pel Si party and hard-left CUP scoop 72 seats but fall short of overall majority of votes

Barcelona face La Liga exit if Catalunya gains independence from Spain

League president Javier Tebas and sports minister Miguel Cardenal claim Barcelona would be kicked out of La Liga

British Prime Minister David Cameron tells Catalunya: Independence means leaving the EU

He was also a staunch opponent of Scottish independence before the referendum in September last year

Spain’s top chefs, the Roca brothers, pick out their favourite eateries

An introduction to Catalan cuisine, courtesy of Spain’s most famous chefs (and Caitlin Quinn)

Catalunya cave excavation reveals neanderthals were foodies

The excavation found that our distant relatives were actually quite inventive when it comes to cooking

Catalan collision course: Artur Mas and Mariano Rajoy square-off

With the Catalan referendum drawing ever closer, Artur Mas and Mariano Rajoy step up their war of words

Ex Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola runs for local government

Guardiola announces his run as an assist to the Cataluyna independence movement

Shark sightings close four Spanish beaches

Four beaches were closed after lifeguards spotted blue sharks in the water in Catalunya





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