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EXCLUSIVE: British expat loses home in southern Spain after 13-year legal battle with builder neighbour over dodgy wall

A BRITISH pensioner has lost her dream home in the sun over a decade-long legal dispute over a boundary wall. Margaret Townley, 75, claims she...

EXCLUSIVE: Two Gibraltar men ‘physically abused’ by Spanish police in La Linea

TWO men from Gibraltar have described the shocking treatment they suffered at the hands of Spanish police while on a night out across the...

Almeria politician accused of taking bribes in awarding COVID PPE contract

By Elena Goçmen Rueda A DRUGS gang turned to the corrupt supply of anti-COVID PPE protective equipment as easy pickings. So far 11 arrests have been...

CORRUPTION SWOOP: High-ranking politicians arrested in Spain’s Valencia on charges of accepting bribes in exchange for public contracts

According to police sources, firms paid illegal commissions in exchange for the right to purchase and build on publicly owned land in and around Valencia.

Mayor’s corruption quiz is delayed on Spain’s Costa Blanca but he still faces a resignation vote

ORIHUELA mayor, Emilio Bascuñana, will not be testifying tomorrow(April 30) over accusations that he embezzled over €200,000 of public money over a non-existent job. That...

Government of Spain’s Balearic Islands block anti-corruption investigation into vaccination of senior officials

An investigation had been opened over the controversial claim that six officials in Mallorca were among the first be vaccinated in the region

‘JUST THE JOB’ as Orihuela mayor is accused of taking €200,000 for work he never did on Spain’s Costa...

ORIHUELA mayor, Emilio Bascuñana, will go to court to answer a charge that he embezzled over €200,000 of public money over a non-existent job. The...

Mayor in power for 30 years on Spain’s Costa Blanca will face corruption court quiz

A Torrevieja court says there is a case to answer involving alleged corruption by the Los Montesinos mayor, Jose Manuel Butron. He is accused of...

‘TAXING TIMES’ for ex-IMF boss and Spanish bank chairman Rodrigo Rato who faces 70 years in prison

A former head of the International Monetary Fund(IMF) and chairman of Spain's Bankia, Rodrigo Rato, could be jailed for 70 years if he is...

Former FC Barcelona president arrested in police corruption probe over La Liga club in Spain

CATALAN police raided FC Barcelona's Nou Camp headquarters and various homes this morning(March 1) to arrest several people including ex-club president, Josep Maria Bartomeu. The...

Barcenas claims former Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy knew of Gürtel slush fund

JAILED former treasurer of Spain’s Partido popular (PP), Luis Barcenas, has said ex prime Minister Mariano Rajoy knew about the illegal funding of the party. Barcenas...

Corruption trial involving ex-mayor of Calpe gets delayed yet again on Spain’s Costa Blanca

THE trial of ex-Calpe mayor Javier Morato for his alleged role in a fraudulent €4 million waste contract has been delayed yet again. That's because...

Judge in Spain examining spy network linked to infamous Gürtel corruption case that implicated top politicians

A HIGH court judge has started examining the findings of a report into a spying network that allegedly aimed to protect high-ranking politicians from...

Uncle of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad jailed in France as Spain pursues money laundering trial

THE uncle of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who is wanted in Spain on money laundering charges, has been jailed for four years by a...

BREAKING: Football match fixers in Spain jailed

NINE people have been jailed in Spain for colluding to fix the result of football matches. It is the first time anyone has been...

Former Manchester United star Ander Herrera among 36 players cleared of sport corruption by court in Spain

However, 15-month jail sentences were handed to former Zaragoza president Agapito Iglesias and former financial director Javier Porquera

SPECIAL REPORT: How €680 million of Junta de Andalucia cash was embezzled in ERE scandal, Spain’s biggest EVER public...

OVER €25,000 per month on cocaine, €400,000 for a fake chicken farm and thousands on bottomless gin and tonics

GUILTY: Ex-president of Junta de Andalucia gets six years in prison for role in historic ERE corruption case in...

EX-Junta de Andalucia president Jose Antonio Grinan has been sentenced to six years in prison for his role in the ERE scandal.  He has also...

Bank in Spain placed under investigation amid allegations of spying and corruption

These charges date back to 2004 and relate to BBVA’s dealings with former police chief Jose Manuel Villarejo

OPINION: The Junta de Andalucia’s budgets which benefit residents are a welcome sight after decades of corruption

This could go some way to undermining the grip of the local drug cartels, who benefit from grinding youth poverty and a lack of opportunity

Marbella seize huge estates worth €6.5 million from disgraced Malaya town planner Roca

One of the properties, the 30 acre Finca Siete Colchones, could now become a sports complex for local residents

Marbella to spend €1.7m building 3,300 parking spaces in HUGE pedestrian-focused new plans

MARBELLA City Council have confirmed they will build 3,300 new parking spaces in a plan that ‘prioritises’ pedestrians. The €1.7 million deal involves opening up...

SHAMEFUL: Spain loses €90 BILLION per year due to corruption while UK among LEAST corrupt in EU, study reveals

  SPAIN loses a staggering €90 billion a year because of political corruption, new figures have revealed.   It is the fourth most corrupt country in the...

Susana Diaz will NOT resign after historic losses to far-right Vox party in Andalucia

The local leader said she would take her seat, even if the opposition parties formed a coalition

New leaked ‘Operacion Kitchen’ documents reveal how Spain’s Partido Popular leaders siphoned off millions for suits and a wedding

Revealed in a series of hand-written notes, kept by former PP treasurer Luis Barcenas, the documents demonstrate how the party was illegally funded on a national scale

Susana Diaz denies illegal funding of PSOE and refuses to apologise in fiery argument with PP

Diaz constantly interrupted the Senator and managed to evade the most controversial questions about corruption on Andalucia





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