Thursday, December 3, 2020
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British expat ordered to pay up or lose home in Landsbanki equity release scheme

EXCLUSIVE: Expat faces eviction after being ordered to pay thousands owed in Landsbanki property scheme

Historic court ruling launches fraud investigation into Landsbanki bank

Victory in expat victims group's 'quest for justice'

British pensioners take on multinational investment company N.M. Rothschild

The pensioners claim they were mis-sold €4 million worth of fraudulent equity release schemes

Expat victims of equity release scams protest in Malaga

Over 30 foreign residents gathered outside Hacienda to protest over fraud that could see them lose their homes

Spanish court will not investigate equity release scam

Twenty expats filed claims against Scandinavian banks

Victims of illegal equity release scam in Spain take the banks to court

A group of 25 foreign residents, who could lose their homes, have filed a lawsuit in the High Court in Madrid against the banks for crimes of fraud and false advertising

Spain’s equity release time bomb

Olive Press’ new legal eagle Antonio Flores on the defrauding of thousands of pensioners via a scheme to release capital from their homes