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More than 127,000 Sephardi Jews outside Spain apply for Spanish citizenship after their ancestors were exiled 600 years ago

The Sephardi Jews set up communities throughout Spain and Portugal before they began to be exiled in the 15th Century

Spain to add Ladino to official languages list

SPAIN is set to officially recognise Ladino as a Spanish tongue. It is hoped that in doing so, it will save the language from extinction...

Would you pass the Spanish test Jews are taking to get citizenship?

Yossi Ben Naimhas become the first Israeli granted citizenship under a new law

Sephardic Jews to be granted Spanish citizenship

Israelis will be able to enjoy benefits of EU citizenship as a result of proposed legislation

Secrets of Jewish settlers revealed

At one time up to 20,000 Jews lived here - now only a handful remain

Drumming up a storm

Baena is a town famous for its olive oil, but during Semana Santa its quiet streets take on an altogether different aspect as thousands of drummers pick up their sticks. By Helen Hartstein

Riddle of Nazi photos

EXCLUSIVE: Rare German photo album found in Costa rubbish bin