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First of Spain’s ‘stolen babies’ finds long-lost family through DNA bank

The first woman to be recognised by the Spanish courts as a 'stolen baby' has located her biological family through a DNA...

Elderly doctor to stand trial for snatching children in Spain’s ‘stolen babies’ scandal

The former gynaecologist will become the first person to stand trial for the scandal that has cast a dark shadow over Spain for decades

Stolen babies to remain in Malaga graves

Mass exhumation of graves to find stolen baby remains halted

Nun arrested in ‘stolen babies’ scandal

Sister Maria Gomez, 80, is the first person to be officially named as a suspect

Over 1,000 stolen baby cases in Spain

In Malaga alone, 86 cases will be investigated

A crying shame for Spain

BBC documentary claims 300,000 infants were 'stolen' under Franco regime

Nuns facing trial over ‘Stolen Babies’ case

Doctors and nurses also to be quizzed over 849 cases

Franco’s missing babies probe in court for first time in Spain

The first ‘stolen baby’ case has reached the courts