THE first ‘stolen baby’ case has reached the courts.

It comes after a seven month investigation into a case from 1970 brought by Isabel Aguera Vazquez from Estepona.

Malaga court will this week hear how there were clear discrepancies between the cause of death listed by the hospital and the civil register.

On one it said it was due to a break in the amniotic sac and another that it was due to a complication with a caesarean section.

There is also no record of the child’s burial.

It comes as 70 families in Cadiz are also seeking answers about babies that supposedly died shortly after birth during the Franco years.

Children, who were pronounced dead at birth, were in fact adopted without learning of their true parents.

It is believed the policy, authorized by Franco to punish Republican sympathizers, could now see over 110,000 claims nationwide.

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