Activists set free thousands of mink

    LAST UPDATED: 26 Oct, 2006 @ 05:18

    {mosimage}ANIMAL activists
    have broken into
    three mink farms
    near A Coruña in
    Galicia in northern
    Spain and set free
    more than 15,000 of
    the creatures.

    Five thousand
    American mink
    (Mustela vison) were
    released in Muros
    while almost 11,000
    were set loose from a
    farm in the town of
    Oza dos Rios.

    Activists also released 500
    from a farm in A Baña.
    A police spokeswoman said
    the operation was well-organized.

    The intruders propped
    wooden boards against the
    walls to help the mink scale
    them. Fish

    were also used as
    bait to guide the animals in
    the right direction.

    “This was no prank. It was a
    well-though out operation,”
    she also said.

    Residents of Oza dos Rios told
    news agency Efe thousands of
    mink had invaded the streets
    of the town and had even
    entered houses.

    The owner of the farm in the
    town, Charo Carrillo, said:
    “Twenty years of work has
    been destroyed by these terrorists.”
    The regional government of
    Galicia announced a wide
    scale recapturing of the animals
    has begun.

    Police believe the Animal
    Liberation Front (ALF)
    released the animals although
    no group has claimed responsibility.

    Members of the ALF set free
    35,000 mink from a farm in
    Santiago de Compestela in
    June this year.


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