Staycationers save Spanish tourism

LAST UPDATED: 4 Aug, 2010 @ 09:55
Staycationers save Spanish tourism

By Nicola Cowell

A NEW breed of ‘staycationers’ is set to save Spanish tourism this summer.

With over 10 million Brits shunning foreign holidays in favour of tightening their belts, Spanish hotels and restaurants were facing crisis point.

But, they have reportedly been saved by the growing number of Spaniards who are opting to take their holidays here instead of abroad.

Spaniards are now realising how cheap holidays here can be, and are choosing to stay at home and spend their cash in resorts like Torremolinos and Benidorm.

The Costa Blanca alone lost over 700m euros in tourist revenue last year, due to the recession.

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  1. Spaniards rarely travel abroad. Of all the Spanish people I have met all take their holidays in Spain. Many did not even have passports.