Priceless Leonardo Da Vinci painting comes to Spain

LAST UPDATED: 3 Jun, 2011 @ 10:12
Priceless Leonardo Da Vinci painting comes to Spain

IT had to be flown in under top security in a military plane.

And now, one of Leonardo Da Vinci’s priceless paintings is to go on display in Spain behind bullet-proof glass.

This is all part of the incredibly tight security that will see Lady with an Ermine, painted around 1490, going on display at Madrid’s Palacio Real from today (June 3).

The tour, which also includes visits to Berlin and London, will cost 30,000 euros.

It is the first time the painting has left its home in Krakow, in Poland, for over 100 years.


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  1. i will like to mention one thing. it’s not the first time that this painting left Krakow.
    In the WWI the painting was in Dresden and in WWII the paintig was in Berlin. Also, several times the paint was in Warsaw.