Dog dies while in the care of an airline

LAST UPDATED: 18 Oct, 2013 @ 09:15
Dog dies while in the care of an airline

A SPANIARD is suing an airline after claiming his dog died while in its care.

Fernando Javier Ramos was left distraught after his British bulldog, Nano, succumbed to dehydration during an Air Berlin flight.

Ramos claims the airline refused to put a bowl of water in the cage and left the dog outside for an hour.

Nano and his master were due to fly from the German capital to Sevilla in July.

But Ramos was taken to one side by airline staff prior to takeoff and was told his dog needed veterinary assistance.

After demanding to see Nano, Ramos was shown the body before being offered a discount voucher by way of an apology.

“They treated Nano like an object, a suitcase, instead of a living being,” said an inconsolable Ramos.

A spokesman for Air Berlin said: “We aren’t allowed, by law, to give water to animals before and during flights.”

Ramos will claim €2,635 in damages at a court in Mallorca this week.


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