12 Jun, 2007 @ 07:48
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Immigrant dies during deportation


POLICE are investigating the death of a Nigerian immigrant during a deportation flight to his country.

Osamyia Aikpitanhi died on June 9 during an Iberia flight to Lagos, forcing the airplane to turn back and land in Alicante.

According to news reports, Aikpitanhi, 23, may have died after swallowing a gag taped over his mouth to prevent him from biting officers.
There are claims the man, who had been living illegally in Spain for four years, had wrestled with police officers inside the aircraft.

A police spokesman declined to give a cause for the man’s death.


  1. The Death of our brother a fellow Nigerian is indeed sad and regretable.Painful as it is the spanish authorities should be held partly responsible for the death of the Nigerian as he died in their hands and through process and action carried out by the spanish state,legal or not.The spanish authorities is responsible for the death.

    Again what should be done by the spanish authorities and Nigerian Embassy in spain is to have a workable agreement and solution such that were there are cases for genuine deportation such people should be handed over to their country,s embassy in the country of residence and let the Nigerian Government be responsible for the deportation of their Citizens.While the spanish Government can provide the financial means to allow for such deportation.

    It high time we face responsibilities in dealing with issues

    In the meantime ,the family of the dead Nigerian should be compensated by the spanish government adequately and an apology render to the Nigeria

  2. The death of our brother in the hands of spainish government is really sad and regretable.the spaniard should pay dearly for his life.because he died in their hands,its really a very big shame that nigerian embassy has know single protection of her citizens because bribly and coruption has taken away our respect and dignity out of hands,nigerians are being treated like trash in europe. i feel really sorry for my country.please this is a word of advice to embassies of nigeria in around the world,try has much as posible to protect her citizens,because the next person could be ur brother or sister.

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