2 Aug, 2007 @ 10:52
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Housing developers “funded Marbella election campaign”


Roca received one million euros for 2003 GIL election campaign

SIX housing developers implicated in the Marbella council corruption scandal bankrolled a municipal election campaign, according to claims.

The developers – who have all been charged with bribery in the Malaya investigation which has seen a total of 86 people charged with corruption – gave Juan Antonio Roca one million euros for the GIL party’s successful 2003 election campaign.

Investigating judge Miguel Angel Torres believes Roca – considered to be the mastermind behind the web of corruption – received money from six housing developers for the campaign, which saw Julián Muñoz elected as town mayor. Muñoz was arrested for his alleged involvement in council corruption last year.

The exact sum has not been disclosed but is believed to be in excess of one million euros. However, it is claimed Granada businessman José Avila Rojas donated at least 300,000 euros while Fidel San Román, housing developer and owner of the Las Ventas bullring in Madrid, gave an undisclosed sum of money.

Also mentioned in the judicial report – which was compiled from documents seized during a police raid in 2006 – are Murcia businessman Enrique Ventero, Manuel Lores, Francisco Zambrana and Eusebio Sierra.

Roca, Marbella Town Hall’s former chief of urban planning, is believed to have asked for money in exchange for building licences in and around the Costa del Sol resort.

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