13 Nov, 2007 @ 18:34
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Granada gang targets helpful drivers


Briton loses more than 6,000 euros after “scam”

GOOD Samaritan drivers are being asked to beware after a Briton fell victim to a possible scam.

Tony Coils, 39, contacted the Olive Press after reading our story of the fake police officers who robbed drivers of foreign-plated cars around Madrid (Bogus Police Gang Busted).

Coils believes he was watched as he spent more than 2,000 euros on kitchen appliances in a Granada shop.

The moment he left electrical goods store Media Mart at the Kinépolis complex in Granada, he was approached for help.

And for his trouble, the property developer who has lived in the village of Illora for two years is now 6,500 euros worse off.

Coils told the Olive Press how he fell victim to the three thieves in summer this year.

“I left the shop, got into my van and threw my wallet onto the passenger seat. Immediately, a man appeared at the driver’s window and said he had a problem with his car and could I help,” he said.

“While I was looking at his car, one of his two accomplices jumped into my van and stole my wallet and everything I had in it.”

Inside, was 6,500 euros to pay his employees as well as credit cards and his driving licence.

Coils, who is originally from Essex in the south of England, said he became suspicious when he could find no problem with the car’s left front wheel.

“Even though he had told me that they were not from the area, when the drove away I noticed their car – a blue Ford Focus – had Granada licence plates.

“When I returned to my van, I immediately noticed my wallet was missing. I gave chase but they got away.”

The victim complained to the manager of the Kinépolis cinema, which owns the entire complex on the outskirts of Granada, and the police.

And having seen CCTV footage of the robbery, police also believe Coils – who featured on Channel 5’s Property Developing Abroad television series earlier this year – may have been the victim of a gang that specialises in crimes such as this.

“The moment I leave the shop, you can see the car containing three people pull into the car park and head directly towards my van.

“A police officer told me the gang could have been tipped off by a fourth member inside the shop but he did not rule out the fact the robbery could have been a chance occurrence,” he added.

A police spokesman confirmed the robbery and said that no one has been arrested in connection with the crime.

Coils now claims to be extra vigilant when approached for help and urges fellow Samaritans to do the same.

“You should always be careful. If anyone wants you to do anything you should always exercise caution. No matter how streetwise you are, you can still fall victim to these scams,” he said.

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