10 Jan, 2008 @ 12:52
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Judge paid by Roca


A JUDGE in Marbella took money in connection to urban development, it has been claimed.

The Andalucian high court has said there is “absolutely no doubt” that judge Francisco Javier de Urquia took money from former Marbella planning svengali Juan Antonio Roca.

The young judge, 29, who worked at Marbella court number two, is understood to have received payments of 63,000 and 10,800 euros.

According to the prosecutor there are at least eight clues that demonstrate that the judge colluded with Roca, who is on currently on trial in the Operation Malaya case for taking millions of euros in bribes for permissions.

It was earlier reported that the pair had been seen out together on a number of occasions.

Judge Miguel Pasqau has now ordered that the case will go to trial later this year.

He stated there was “no doubt” that the payments in relation to a property purchase in the Jaen province by Roca was destined to de Urquia.

He believes that there is enough evidence to demonstrate a relationship between them that led to bribery and perverting the course of justice.

Another man – a friend of the pair – Arnau Fabrice Albouhair has also been charged.

The accused has denied the charges and in particular that the payments that were labelled to the “chief” were for him.

He also insisted that he did not know Roca socially, but only met him briefly at a party.

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  1. And yet when I try to tell fellow British people and other foreign homowners here ie.Dutch,Germans and the like that many of the estate agents, lawyers,notaries, builders, bank managers who offered mortgages etc colluded together with crooked Councillors in Chiclana de la Frontera in building and selling illegal properties,in the majority of cases to unwitting buyers and many thousands of these are NOW going to be affected by the re-classification of land made around Chiclana by the Junta De Andalucia, resulting in thousands of demolitions I get told it will never happen?

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