17 Mar, 2008 @ 09:37
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Russia link to Málaga police corruption


TWO high-ranking members of the Costa del Sol’s crack anti-corruption police force have been arrested for alleged fraud and embezzlement.

Inspectors Alfredo Marijuan and Carlos Farré from Marbella were detained following an investigation into alleged corruption of the elite Udyco force, which saw 40 officers questioned.

A further two high ranking officers – Fuengirola-based Issac Pacheco Suárez and Eusebio Vázquez – were released with embezzlement charges.

The charges relate to alleged payments made by Russian nationals for information relating to police operations.

The Udyco division of the Costa del Sol police force was involved in several corruption crackdowns in Málaga in recent years – including Operations Malaya, Ballena Blanca and Hidago, which all centered upon illicit dealings in Marbella.

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