24 Apr, 2008 @ 10:28
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Justice fails again


Miscarriage of justice as innocent man has spent ten years in prison for a series of vicious rapes he did not commit


IN 1998 the Police arrested the wrong guy, plain and simple. A habitual criminal, with the initials RRR, he was accused of attacking various women in Jerez de la Frontera, El Puerto de Santa Maria and Puerto Real, near Cadiz.

Police were convinced they had got the right man when a witness claimed to recognise his voice.

This was despite the attackers always muffling their voices and concealing their appearances, in particular with balaclavas.

The man was also imprisoned, despite the fact that his DNA did not match the samples from the crime scenes.

In a further insult to injury, the series of vicious attack continued until 2000, two years after he had been arrested.

Police have only now – ten years on – revealed that it was in fact two men in their fifties, known as FPG and JDG, who raped the women.

Chief of the Cadiz Judicial Police Teodoro Fernandez said: “The two men had been in prison and had both sexually abused their children.”

These men are renowned for their methods. They dressed in black or camouflaged clothing with long sleeves and chose their victims at random, generally in dark areas.

The women were then taken to remote areas where no noises could be heard.

The detained was first imprisoned in Puerto II and then moved to Topas, in Salamanca.

It is unknown whether he has even yet been released, despite the new information coming to light.

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