28 Nov, 2008 @ 13:20
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The bells stopped ringing


One of Spain’s oldest English language newspapers, the Town Crier, folds, as well as radio station OCI

ONE of Spain’s longest-running English newspapers is dead.

The Town Crier has stopped ringing its bells after 12 years of trading.

The paper, based in Coín, has folded due to poor trading figures and logistics.

After publishing 603 issues the freesheet – that printed 25000 copies a week – has hit the wall.

“It is the end of the road – we are no longer,” a receptionist told the Olive Press this week.

Dubbed the Popular Paper People Prefer, the Town Crier has been having problems meeting its distribution and staff costs.

“People have stopped advertising with us and at the same time we have staff to pay, distribution and printing costs.

“People don’t realise that they need to advertise to survive. It is a real shame. We are all very sad here.”

At the same time one of Spain’s oldest English radio stations has also closed.

Onda Cera International (OCI) ceases its broadcasts this month.

The station, which has been operating in Marbella for nearly 17 years, has found the current financial situation difficult.

It hopes to start a new station called ‘Europa FM’ which will be an automated music station.

Leah Dunne who hosts a weekly talk show at the station told the Olive Press: “Everyone was surprised at the decision and we are all deeply sad that it is closing”.

She added: “It’s an end of an era and I’m sure the station will be sorely missed, I know it had quite a few listeners.”

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  1. That’s such sad news! I’ve noticed estate agents and small shops closing, but didn’t realise that the Crisis was also affecting radio stations and newspapers.
    I agree with the comments made by The Town Crier, I think that marketing and advertising are the first things that businesses cut when they feel the pinch, yet good marketing and advertising strengthen businesses and bring in customers.
    Let’s hope that businesses put in place strategies to deal with this economic climate.

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