23 Mar, 2009 @ 13:23
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Let there be dark


Junta puts finishing touches to new light pollution law

TOWN halls will be fined up to 60,000 euros if they light up the wrong beach.

Under new rules, the Junta will also penalise town halls if statues are not properly illuminated from the top down.

In a further bid to cut down on light pollution, all illumination will have to be switched off between the hours of midnight and 6am.

An extra hour will be allowed in summer, or if a special dispensation has been made.

Under the draft proposals, the Junta will also clamp down on “needless” artificial illumination.

This means fitting shields to all its lightposts to stop light escaping.

Following an Olive Press campaign last year to snuff out light pollution, the illumination of beaches which are not part of the town centre will also be banned.


The move follows pressure from the Astronomy Institute of Andalucia (IAA), a society which has long complained about the effects of light pollution.

“In Andalucia, we have two of the most important observatories in Europe and both are affected by light pollution,” said spokesman Jose Luis Ortiz.

The Environment Department is putting the final details to the legislation and is considering establishing a new office for the protection of darkness.

Illumination for reasons of safety, at ports and airports for example, will not be affected.


  1. Yes about time but what about the campo.
    In a small village called Lloma leon, Cutar, (malaga) they have recently fitted Street Lighting which is on from Dusk till Dawn it is madness.

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