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Revealed: The most sexually active provinces in Spain – and where you’re most likely to be cheated on

THE most sexually active provinces in Spain and where you’re most likely to be cheated on has been revealed. 

Hoping to find love? Or do you just want to have a bit of fun? 

Either way, a new study by sex toy company, Diversual.com, will show you exactly where you need to be. 

The survey of 5,300 people has shown Spaniards sexual habits, including where, how often and in what positions they like to do the deed. 

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Spaniards have sex on average eight times a month.
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On average, Spaniards have sexual relations eight times a month, but Cadiz was the most active province, with an average of 9.64 times per month. 

Palencia, Castilla y Leon, was the least active, having sex just six times in four weeks. 

Some 18 provinces had above average sex levels, including: Lugo (9.44), Cordoba (9.07), Guadalajara (8.88), Segovia (8.87), Murcia (8.76), Valladolid (8.76), Tenerife (8.73), Leon (8.70), Malaga (8.54), Soria (8.50), Toledo (8.48), Asturias (8.46), A Coruña (8.42), Almeria (8.40), Caceres (8.26), Badajoz (8.22), Teruel (8.16) y Granada (8.15). 

Meanwhile, 12 provinces were below average, including: Barcelona (6.97), Madrid (6.96), Navarra (6.95), Avila (6.83), La Rioja (6.79), Ciudad Real (6.78), Zaragoza (6.73), Huesca (6.60), Albacete (6.56), Girona (6.50), Zamora (6.33) y Alava (6.10). 

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When it comes to cheating, Tarragona was revealed as the most unfaithful area in Spain, with 40% of respondents admitting they had ‘relations’ with someone who was not their normal partner. 

Palencia was again at the bottom end of the list, with just 16% of the population admitting to cheating. 

A further 48.42% have had penetrative sex without a condom with someone who was not a stable partner. 

Some 47.6% of women have felt pressured not to use condoms at least once in their lives, compared to just 13% of men. 

When it comes to accessing pornography, the average age people start watching porn is 15. 

However for boys this was 13-years-old and for girls, 16. 

Most people watch it six days a month, but again, there was a big difference between men and women. 

Men watch it ten days a month, while for women, it’s just 2.77. 

Over 50% of those surveyed do not have a preferred time to have sex, although 25% prefer to do it at night, 50% plan sexual relations and 38% prefer to let it flow naturally. 

Most people liked to keep it in the bedroom (71.7%), while 11% preferred the living room. When it comes to orgasms, 74% of Spaniards reach orgasm every time they have sexual relations. 

The rate was highest amongst people over 60, who organsmed 84% of times. 

This group also dedicated the longest time to sex, clocking in at 19 minutes, 50 seconds on average. 

In contrast, people aged between 25-35 dedicated just 16 minutes to the act, compared to the 17 minute, 40 second average. 

Almost every surveyed, 92.7% have participated in oral sex, while 79% have masturbated with a partner. 

The least common sexual practices were threesomes and swapping partners, with just 3.3%. 

When it comes to finding the right partner, 65% said it is easier to find a partner now than it was before, with 54% saying the best option was dating apps.

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