Four in 10 young Spaniards say they ‘almost never’ use a condom during sex, according to data released to mark World AIDS day. 

The report, ‘Spaniards and Sex’, used questionnaires from 2,000 men and women aged between 18 and 58. 

Released by XI Spain Control Barometer, the research was carried out to drive awareness of World AIDS day on December 1. 

When used correctly, condoms can prevent sexually transmitted illnesses. Photo by Deon Black on Unsplash

The most commonly given reason for not using protection was the ‘existence of other methods’ with 40% of the vote. 

Some 29% say they forgo condoms due to a ‘loss of sensitivity’, while 18% say it ‘ruins the moment’. 

The number rises to 92% for oral sex, which 41% of young Spaniards believe poses ‘no risk’ for those in stable relationships. 

However, a huge 52% could not give a reason for why they forgo condoms during oral sex. 

The report also showed that three out of 10 young Spaniards have never had a sexual health check. 

Most of the participants say this is because they have never suspected they had a sexually transmitted illness. 

Meanwhile, only 30% of Spaniards have ever been checked for HIV. 

Almost half, or 48% of those asked said they would never sleep with someone who had a sexual infection, but 30% said it depended on the type of illness. 

Despite this, four out of 10 young Spaniards say they do not check the sexual health status of the people they sleep with. 

In May this year, the Spanish Ministry of Health reported that they had halved the amount of undiagnosed HIV cases in the country. 

Now, 92.5% of the estimated 150,000 people living with HIV in Spain are aware of their condition.

As a result, 97% are receiving antiretroviral treatment and 90% have a suppressed viral load, reducing the amount of HIV in the body.  

According to the NHS, when used correctly condoms are the ‘best way’ to prevent sexually transmitted infections such as HIV. 

They advise young people to check the expiry dates of their condoms, look for the CE kitemark to ensure their quality and to use the right size condom. 

For more information on how condoms can prevent sexually transmitted illnesses like HIV, visit the NHS website


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