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Find out which Costa Blanca towns will get new restrictions as Spain battles with COVID-19

23 COSTA BLANCA municipalities will go into special measures from midnight(October 31) to try to stem the spike in COVID-19 cases.

Fresh COVID-19 cases continue to spiral despite marginal drop across Spain’s Valencian Community

NEW COVID-19 cases in the Valencian Community showed a slight fall in the latest report published on Thursday evening(October 29).

‘More measures’ to be introduced to fight rising COVID-19 rates in Spain’s Valencian Community

VALENCIAN president Ximo Puig has promised 'more measures' to stem the steep rises in COVID-19 infections across the Valencian Community.

No border closures yet as new COVID-19 cases show another steep rise across Spain’s Costa Blanca

NEW COVID-19 infections went up by 60 per cent in a day across the Valencian Community, as the regional government resists following...

Restrictions could get stricter as COVID-19 cases multiply on Spain’s Costa Blanca

NEW restrictions to slow the rise in COVID-19 cases in the Valencian Community are set to get even tougher.

Spain’s Malaga has highest number of health professionals infected with coronavirus in whole of Andalucia

MALAGA is the Andalucian province with the highest number of health professionals infected with COVID-19. Nearly 7% of the...

Weekend COVID-19 cases nearly double in worrying rise across Spain’s Valencian Community

WEEKEND COVID-19 infection rates almost doubled in the Valencian Community according to the latest health ministry figures, with hospital ITUs the busiest...

Night curfew to inflict €5 million daily losses for bars and restaurants in Spain’s Valencian Community

A HOSPITALITY association claims that bars and restaurants will lose €5.5 million each day across the Valencian Community when a night-time curfew...

Second-highest daily COVID-19 infection levels reported as Spain’s Costa Blanca gets ready for curfew

NEW COVID-19 cases reached over a thousand in 24 hours in the latest Valencian Community figures as the region braces itself for...

New COVID-19 case figures are halved within a day in Spain’s Valencian Community

THE latest COVID-19 infection rates announced last night(October 21) for the Valencian Community have seen a big drop after Tuesday's record daily...

Curfew set to come to Spain’s Costa Blanca as daily record is set for new COVID-19 cases.

A DAILY record of 1,318 new COVID-19 cases in the Valencian Community has spurred on the regional government to propose introducing a...

Big overall weekend rise in new Covid-19 cases in Spain’s Valencian Community

NEW COVID-19 case rates between Friday evening and Monday night registered a total of 1,124 infections in Valencian Community according to the...

Restrictions return from midnight for two cities on Spain’s Costa Blanca to stop COVID-19 rise

RESTRICTIONS to counter the recent spike in COVID-19 cases will be introduced in two areas of Alicante Province from midnight tonight.

Major outbreaks cause upward rebound in COVID-19 cases across Spain’s Costa Blanca

NEW COVID-19 case rates in Alicante Province have seen the biggest spike since September 24. The latest figures released...

COVID-19 vs. FLU: Main differences as explained by Spanish experts

With the flu season looming and COVID-19 still spreading, Spanish experts highlight the main differences between both viruses.

Spain’s Costa Blanca sees lowest new COVID-19 case figures since August

DRAMATIC falls in new coronavirus cases have been reported in Alicante Province and the rest of the Valencian Community, as other parts...

Question mark over plans for new €6 million health centre in expat area of Spain’s Costa Blanca

PLANS for a second Orihuela Costa medical centre are in serious doubt after it was confirmed, as expected, that Torrevieja area health...

Weekend COVID-19 new case figures stabilise across Spain’s Costa Blanca

NEW COVID-19 cases have averaged around 200 for the third straight weekend in Alicante Province. Valencian Health Ministry statistics...

Number of minors under 14 with COVID-19 in Spain’s Andalucia spikes twofold in just one month

The increase by 211.78% is more than double the increase recorded during the same period among adults between the ages of 45 and 64.

COVID-19 figures hold firm on Spain’s Costa Blanca

197 NEW COVID-19 cases have been reported in Alicante Province in the latest update from Valencia's Health Ministry last night(October 6).

Cautious optimism as new COVID-19 cases slow down on Spain’s Costa Blanca

THE RATE of new COVID-19 cases is falling in Alicante Province according to the latest data supplied by the Valencian Health Ministry.

New COVID-19 case rate slows down in latest figures from Spain’s Valencian Community

NEW COVID-19 cases have fallen by almost a hundred in the latest set of figures announced today(September 25) in the Valencian Community.

New COVID-19 cases in the Valencian Community have slowest weekly growth rate in Spain

NEW CONFIRMED coronavirus cases are slowing down in the Valencian Community as official figures show that the region is doing much better...

First COVID-19 death-free day in Spain’s Malaga as hospital admissions drop

The number of recovered people has risen to 128 in the last few hours and exceeds the number of new infections

New COVID-19 case numbers fail to slow down as two outbreaks are reported in resort on Spain’s Costa Blanca

LATEST COVID-19 case figures show little sign of decline in the Valencian Community, with two new outbreaks reported on the Marina Alta...

Spanish study finds Vitamin D may keep COVID-19 patients out of intensive care

A FORM of vitamin D may have kept COVID-19 sufferers out of intensive care, according to a Spanish study.