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Kylie ‘Spaining Around’

kyle andres velencoso

SPAIN BOUND: Kylie is househunting in Spain with new lover Andres Velencoso
SPAIN BOUND: Kylie is househunting in Spain with new lover Andres Velencoso
Minogue looking to buy in Spain as she allegedly comes closer to marrying her Iberian beau

POP princess Kylie Minogue has given the biggest hint yet that she could soon be marrying her Spanish boyfriend and moving to Spain.

Already house-hunting in Catalonia, she has now revealed that her model lover Andres Velencoso may have already proposed to her.

The speculation came after the Aussie-born pop star was presented with a rose by Velencoso´s parents during her visit to the Costa Brava for St Jordi’s Day – the Catalonian equivalent of St Valentine’s Day.

This tradition is normally reserved for engaged couples, stirring up rumours the couple could be on the verge of tying the knot.

“It was a wonderfully sweet thing to do. It’s a nice tradition and, yes, perhaps it meant more than just Jordi’s Day,” said Kylie.

Kylie and Velencoso are also close to buying a beachside villa on the Costa Brava.

They have been looking at properties in the medieval village of Tossa De Mar, where Velencoso grew up.

“I feel relaxed, happy, excited and just totally content with my life,” said Minogue during her most recent trip to Spain.

“I’m just doing things I never would give myself time to do. I’m finding my balance and I’m giving myself space just to be me.”

The former Neigbours star wore big sunglasses and a headscarf to stop her from being recognised when on her first visit, but has since ditched such disguises as locals do not recognise her anyway.


  1. Hi,
    Kylie and her new boyfriend can buy our property in a lovely typical Spanish village for 65.000 euros.
    Wishing them both all the love and luck in the world.

  2. Hi Linda, I’m thinking of buying a place in Spain but I can’t see the attraction of Spanish villages. OK they look nice and the scenery is nice but what do you do all day!?

  3. Linda – I’ll buy your house for 65,000 euros – where is it?

    Chris – What do we do all day in our white villages? Enjoy the peace and quiet and stress-free way of life; talk with our Spanish and ex-pat neighbours, run our houses, cook, clean, go shopping, do the garden, decorate, improve, go to the bar and put the world to rights, eat at friends, barbecue, party. Some of us even find time for a part-time job!

  4. Hi Pablo,
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