SPAIN’S forest fires have claimed another two victims, once again apparently caused by arson.

Retired teacher Javier Heras, 63, and a bulldozer driver, who was attempting to control the inferno, were engulfed by the blaze that swept through an area near Avila on Tuesday morning.

Over 300 hectares of land were destroyed, mainly woodland.

Locals in surrounding towns and villages have been evacuated and are currently being housed in local schools and sports centres.

These two deaths bring the total fatalities of this summer’s Spanish fires to nine.

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  1. As the Justice system seems to run slower than the pace of a snail in Spain and also appears to be about as “balanced” in favour of the criminal or accused as it is in the UK it may DEFINITELY be worth considering, only if one is fortunate enough of course to find someone in “actus reus” of fire-starting, to throw them straight into the centre of what they have started, BEFORE calling the Fire Brigade as they are obviously so interested in fires and their resulting effect on the land and community?

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