AROUND two dozen animal charities have met up for the first time to air their problems and seek solutions.

The group of rescue centres, refuges and independent animal carers met to discuss mutual needs and the numerous issues they face.

One cat carer from Snip-a-Stray, in Mojacar, told how she sometimes has to hide cat traps from the police, as trapping cats is an offence in Almeria.

Another representative from Mascotas de Priego, from Priego de Cordoba, told how his success lay in obtaining support from the town hall.

He explained to the the mayor that it costs less to support the rescue of a dog than it does to destroy it!

David McNally of ADANA, revealed that he needs ‘break-in skills’ as pets are frequently found locked up in houses by their departing owners, usually English, who have returned to the UK.

Pauline Warner of Kim’s Animal Rescue, in Valle de Abdalajais, said that her charity was not allowed to keep more than six rescue dogs in the house without obtaining a zoological licence.

Organised by Pepi’s Refuge, in conjunction with CHAIN, delegates came from all over Andalucia, including Estepona and Almeria.

The delegates agreed that raising awareness about the plight of animals was a pressing priority. This wasfurther stressed by Paul Svendsen from the Fuente de Piedra Donkey Sanctuary, which has been successful in making a visit to the sanctuary a memorable and enjoyable experience for the public.

The meeting concluded with the groups agreeing to work closer together in the future.


  1. I do not understand why british people are so devoted to animals.
    Why have dogs cats etc.
    Use your efforts and money on Cadesa or why not help people who are losing their homes they bought beliving they were legal instead!!

  2. kenth, it is not only english people who love their animals, your name sounds scandanavian, I know many danish, swedish etc who love animals. personally I always find that people who dont like animals are not very nice people.

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