HARRIET Harman called for the creation of a UN agency dedicated to upholding women’s rights at an EU summit in Cadiz.

The Deputy Leader of the Labour party said that although progress has been made with global inequality issues, more work still needs to be done.

The British MP urged for a meeting to be held in London to promote the creation of the proposed UN agency.

Harman jointly chaired the event – part of Spain’s rotating EU Presidency – with the Spanish Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister for Equality.

A spokesman for the Spanish Presidency said: “The summit seeks to give new impetus to gender equality in the EU.”


  1. the UN definitely needs a few more hundred thousands of bureaucrats to mess up the world as they have done for the last 50 years devouring thousands of millions in costs and completely taxfree salaries and expenses and compulsory first class travel on the finest airlines all paid for by the taxpayers of the world. The UN should be abolished as it does nothing other than to waste money with no effect.

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