A FORMER A-list chauffeur claims he has been driven up the wall by an airport car parking company.

Sean Moffet – who used to drive rock greats the Stereophonics and Red Hot Chilli Peppers – was stung with a 219-euro repair fine on picking up his car from Malaga.

However, Moffet, 63, maintains the car was in perfect condition when he dropped it off with Car Park Malaga company.

Just two weeks earlier, the Irishman’s Seat Cordoba had passed its ITV at a garage in Lucena “with flying colours”.

Originally booked to come back on April 17, Moffet, from Puente Genil, instead chose to fly back from Dublin on April 6.

“I phoned them from the departure lounge to let them know I was coming back earlier, and that’s only when they told me there was a problem,” explained Moffet.

“I left a perfectly good car with them, I was hopping mad on the flight as I headed back.”

In the Malaga office, Moffet claims he was only handed back his car keys when he stumped up the fine for a broken bracket.

“I wanted to know the details, what work was carried out and why?

“The guy who parked the car for me must have run over something or accidentally had a knock.
“I am coming up to retirement and I just don’t have money to throw around.

“I felt sick in my stomach it was a perfectly good car.”

Local mechanic Scot Gilmore confirmed that the bracket would only cost 15 euros and that the total work should amount to just 80 euros.

However, boss of Car Park Malaga, Mette Nielsen, insisted that the car was already damaged and defended the size of the repair fine Moffet received.

“There was no bolt holding the suspension of the engine,” explained Nielsen.

“We had an outside mechanic come in and confirm that it had been missing for a long time. It was an old car and we had to cover the call-out charge.”

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  1. This company are useless. Do NOT park your car with them. They are the only company of the many located close to Malaga airport who pick you up from departures and NOT arrivals. A daft, rude and unapologetic outfit. Go with one of their rivals.

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